10 Ways to Prevent Your Fleet Of Cars from being stolen

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We take care of everything we possess and the most fearful thing is the thought of being robbed. Thieves target our homes and they do not even spare our vehicles. When you have a number of cars and do not have enough covered space to keep them, you are most vulnerable to burglary. Vehicle thieves do not always steal the vehicle, instead they break into the car and steal the valuable parts and accessories and if they are lucky (which is your bad-luck!), they take away the things you left in the car.

Here are some ways which will be helpful to prevent your fleet of cars being stolen.
1. The very first thing to make your vehicle safe is to install a proper locking mechanism. All vehicles have good door locks and you can strengthen the mechanism by adding extra locks.

2. You have a good locking system but do not use it properly actually means you are inviting the burglars to have a feast on your vehicle! Be sure to lock every door of the car before you leave it in the car park. Do not forget to close the sunroof (if you have one) and do check whether the boot is also locked.

3. Installing a car alarm in the car is the easiest way to stay safe. These alarms will go off as soon as your car is touched and will thus save your vehicle. They may seem to be costly but considering the safety they provide, the cost is legitimate.

4. Choosing the right parking place is also helpful in preventing theft. If you have your car parked in a quiet place, the car thieves would have plenty of time to steal it. Parking places which are crowded or at least visited by pedestrians often are safer as the thieves will find it difficult to break in in front of people.

5. It will be good to put some extraordinary bumper stickers on the car. These will make your car easily identifiable and vehicle thieves do not usually steal cars which can be easily identified.

6. Most of the vehicle thieves try to take away the valuable parts or accessories of the car. These things are easy to steal and easy to sell on. Accessories like stereo systems are like gold dust for thieves. Even when your car is locked, they can break in (they have so many techniques to do that) and steal the audio system. Having a detachable stereo face will help to keep the vehicle’s sound system safe as thieves will not be interested in stealing a stereo that can’t be used.

7. If you leave some important things like briefcases or shopping bags in the car then make sure that you keep them out of sight.

8. Never leave the car keys in the ignition.

9. Avoid attaching personal information to the car keys. You can keep your personal information secure even if the car is stolen.

10.. Do not leave your garage door open if your car is in it.

Scott Hayden
Scott Hayden is the Director and of Trackmatic ™ vehicle tracking. He has over 10 years in the industry and works not only runs one of the most successful tracking companies in Europe but also is a consultant in Telematics. Scott lives in Wexford with his wife lynn and there 4 dogs. He is a keen cyclist and runner and is passionate about customer service and technology.

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