5 Defensive Driving Techniques That Could Save Lives

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Are you a careful and dependable driver? If you have never had a car accident then you are certainly a reliable and careful driver. Traffic accidents are becoming more frequent day by day and are generally not the fault of the careful driver.Sadly aggressive and bad driving turns out to be a normal part of driving in the present day. Despite the fact that an individual cannot do much about the driving skills of other drivers but one can always drive safely and gain experience on how to act when confronted with an aggressive driver.

Defensive driving techniques can help to protect against obstructions and difficulties on the road by means of thorough travel, tour preparation prior to taking a trip and observe, focus and anticipate while on the way. A defensive driver should not only be aware of their own driving but also be very alert of other drivers on the road.

The most important point of defensive driving is to cut down the likelihood of accidents, regardless of the circumstances or environment in which a person is driving or the activities of other road users.

By learning some basic defensive driving techniques, you can greatly improve your chances of remaining injury-free and safe on the road.


A lot of accidents take place when cars suddenly brake while driving, putting you in danger. The simplest way to avoid accidents is by applying good car maintenance.

Get rid of Distractions

The most frequent reason for car accidents is because the driver has been unfocussed or inattentive. Keep a tight rein on distractions in the vehicle like chatting, eating etc.

Have situational alertness

Identifying your surroundings, checking your mirrors, blind spots and seeing the vehicles in front will help avoid accidents by seeing them before they happen.

Let People Pass

If someone is tailgating you on the other hand, you need to let them pass.

Don’t speed

Be sure to look for and heed posted traffic signs and you’ll be much safer while driving.

Scott Hayden
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