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Are you thinking about changing your manual fleet management system to a digital one? It is normal since it has many advantages and saves a lot of time, both to the fleet manager and the staff on the road. But you may be wondering if the change is simple. It is, and in this post, we are going to show you why.

Normally, changing to something better is always easy whether you change your house, or you change your car. And the same goes for GPS Tracking Software technology. We have clients who continually tell us they do not know how they could work before they have our technology. The reason is that the information offered by a system like ours gives you incredible visibility of the fleet, so you can make decisions much more quickly and more accurately.

What do you need?
Two things: an onboard device, installed inside the vehicle, and a management platform, which you can easily access from any computer or mobile device.

It depends on the size of your company, your needs and the sector in which you work; we will recommend some devices or others, with different features, price, and functionalities.
There are onboard devices for tracking vehicles that you can install yourself, others need professional installation, although it is usually simple and does not take long.

It allows you to be always connected to your vehicles and your team on the road. You can know the position of the vehicles and how they are being used at any time to improve their performance. It also informs you about the traffic situation in real time, so that jobs can be assigned more intelligently. It helps you to comply with the rules of rest and work time, by recording all important data, etc. all through an application for the computer or mobile, which you can access from anywhere and at any time.

Is it necessary to follow some other advice?
In addition to the management advice of the vehicle fleet that we have detailed previously, it is necessary that the company’s fleet manager knows the correct operation of the administration and management software of the vehicle fleet. It is so because only in this way will it be possible to take advantage of it effectively all the tools and advantages offered by these computer programs.

It is very important that you know the software you are using for the management of the vehicle fleet well. Only in this case will be able to configure the computer program well, adding the necessary data so that it works correctly, thus increasing the effectiveness.

To manage your company’s fleet, it will be necessary to have a vehicle fleet manager. Vehicle fleet managers are experts in carrying out this work, and only they will know how to configure the software correctly to manage and manage the fleet efficiently and effectively.

The position of the fleet manager must be covered by a person who has the training and information necessary to know the use of Vehicle Tracking. By having an expert, it will be possible to get the most out of this software.

Scott Hayden
Scott Hayden is the Director and of Trackmatic ™ vehicle tracking. He has over 10 years in the industry and works not only runs one of the most successful tracking companies in Europe but also is a consultant in Telematics. Scott lives in Wexford with his wife lynn and there 4 dogs. He is a keen cyclist and runner and is passionate about customer service and technology.

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