How mobile phone based GPS tracking is different from satellite based GPS tracking?

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GPS tracking device is a device that utilizes the Global Positioning System to give the exact location of a person, asset or vehicle that is connected to it. It also records the actual position of the vehicle at regular interims. The recorded information is stored inside the tracking device or it can be transmitted to another central database by utilizing a satellite modem, radio or phone which is connected to the device. GPS tracking can be of two types- Mobile Phone Based GPS Tracking System and Satellite Based GPS Tracking System.


Mobile Phone based GPS tracking systems are affordable and give the opportunity to send all the information at an affordable cost. It’s a known fact that the planet is secured by mobile phone systems hence mobile phone based tracking is the only choice. This is the most widely recognised type of communication utilized today. With this technology the tracking device gathers location information from the GPS satellites to pinpoint accurateness and after that transmits the location information along with heading, speed and other data over a terrestrial mobile phone system. The information is gathered by a server and after that supplied to the customer in the form of tracking information.

In the event that you are looking for a GPS tracking device you will find that mobile phone based tracking is a less costly choice and you can get a lot of information at that cost. An extra advantage with mobile phone based GPS tracking systems is that they will normally take into account reconfiguration in the air. In this manner a device setup remotely could be sent another set of guidelines to conform the way it works and communicates further.


Satellite based tracking varies from mobile phone tracking system as the transmission of information is carried out over the satellite system. Satellite tracking gadgets can communicate in zones where a mobile phone service is not accessible. This includes oceans and other uninhabited zones. The Intermodal bearers often utilize satellite tracking systems to track compartments that are transported through ships. There are a few satellite systems accessible for this purpose. Some of the organisations give satellite communication facilities for the same. The satellite tracking device function as one way tracking system and sends information to the server but can’t receive data for further reconfiguration.

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