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Trackmatic has been providing vehicle tracking services for over 10 years and is a well established supplier to companies in both England and Ireland.

With a national presence we can supply and fit anywhere usually within 4 working days allowing you to start getting the benefits from our versatile vehicle tracking system straight away.

Our managing directors are husband and wife team Scott and Lynn Hayden feel free to connect to us on Linkedin.

With offices in Both England and Ireland we have the experience to supply you with a seamless service with no hassle and no hidden costs. Call today for a Free demo and to find out more on UK +44 (0)1245 790802 or Ireland +353 (012548367) or send an email on our contact us page.


We offer more than any other vehicle tracking service with

  • First 3 months FREE and FREE Install
  • No Long contracts
  • Full integration and FREE setup
  • Full FREE training
  • Global coverage
  • Live traffic monitoring and planning
  • Speeding alerts on all roads (others can only set one speed limit)
  • Links to google street view
  • 30 second reporting
  • You logo visible on the software (useful for showing customers)
  • Full warranty with no limits
  • No hidden costs

Our customers come from a variety of industries including these: drainage, tradesmen, government, construction and defence. All of our customers enjoy a short contract with absolutely no hidden costs such as maintenance, software licences or other charges.

If you're curious about our system give us a call and we can arrange a demonstration in addition to giving you an indication of how much money you can save your business. Call us on 01245 790802 today.


Specialties : Vehicle Tracking, Trackmaticâ„¢, GPS vehicle tracking, vehicle protection, fleet tracking, truck tracking, car tracking, van tracking, fleet monitoring, driver behaviour reporting, fuel savings, mobile workforce productivity


  • It's simple and easy to use
  • You can guard what you want, wherever you want
  • You know where your vehicle is at all times
  • You can track your car online anywhere in the world
  • Real-time visibility of your mobile workforce
  • Reduce fuel costs, mileage and emissions
  • Increased control of overtime costs
  • Boost productivity and workforce utilisation
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved communication and proactive management
  • Obtain detailed insight to help drive your business forward efficiently


  • World leader in GPS vechile tracking system
  • 3 months free and free install
  • Eco-friendly and cost saving technology
  • Save time and money


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