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Vehicle Tracking Advice

Choosing the correct vehicle tracking services can be a daunting task. Many systems can be complicated and although colourful can contain many bugs which lead to systems going wrong. When looking at the system you should ask yourself is the system pretty with lots of graphics if so can this cause lots of issues including the screen freezing. what you are looking for is a reliable user friendly product that will allow you to track your vehicle easily and without fuss.

When you are being given a demonstration of a tracking system is the demonstrator asking you lots of questions about your business? They should be as a tracking system can offer many different areas of savings. Although a system can be just used for logging into, it can also be applied to many areas of your business and can save you lots of that hard earned cash that you have worked hard to get.

Areas in which a system can save you on are wear and tear of vehicles and fuel savings. This can be achieved by using the our latest vehicle tracker.We also have automated reports that deliver information on how a driver is treating your company vehicle. Once shown these reports and if acted upon the driver then tends to improve his driving behaviour very quickly. This can also have an impact on the environment and you should certainly boast on your company website that you have a vehicle tracking system. After all, it looks good to your customers that you care about these areas. With our system, vehicle tracking will have a immediate positive impact on your business and clients usually see a return on investment within 6 to 8 weeks from installation.

Vehicle Tracking Rental

If you decide to rent your vehicle tracking system you should make sure that everything is included in the price. We have seen many systems where for example if you want to access your data on your mobile device or iphone then companies will charge you extra. It's also a good idea to ask what is included in the rental option. Vehicle tracking systems can be very different so make sure you do your homework to avoid taking on a system under contract that you may be stuck with.

Ask yourself what sort of training is included from this particular vehicle tracking company. You want to make sure that you get unlimited training and integration of the system. For example is the fleet manager receiving the report that shows when a vehicle is due for a service and is the fleet manager being issued the report that shows driver behaviour. Any good tracking company will make sure the right reports are going to the right staff members.

Is there a penalty if you want to leave your contract? Most certainly there should not be and we would recommend checking this also.

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Benefits of our Vehicle Tracker Systems

  • It's simple and easy to use
  • You can guard what you want, wherever you want
  • You know where your vehicle is at all times
  • You can track your car online anywhere in the world
  • Real-time visibility of your mobile workforce
  • Reduce fuel costs, mileage and emissions
  • Increased control of overtime costs
  • Boost productivity and workforce utilisation
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved communication and proactive management
  • Obtain detailed insight to help drive your business forward efficiently

Why choose Trackmatic™ Car Tracker Device for your Vehicle Tracking?

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